Product Description


Suitable: It is suitable for all skin types

Instructions: Wash your hands, squeeze the appropriate smear in the skin to gently massage circle way, then wash with warm water

Effect: Genus hydrophilic, 100% totally free of grease and soap, mild stimulation. Europe Aloe Vera extract, import, biotechnology, moisturizing cream containing patented elements efficiently, makeup face, while effective to promote activation of cell physiological functions, moisturizing, stimulate blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, repair and regeneration and thus smooth fine lines. No residue after use, ready to adjust to the best condition of peeling.

Notice: Avoid using soap and grease-containing products, PH value is too high to prevent damage to sebum film, reducing the effect of the original

Ingredients: Aloe, lemon, Bulgarian rose

Re-action Tonic Professional

Suitable: Suitable for all skin types

Instructions: In the make-up water, the amount of apply to the entire face, neck, gently pat until completely absorbed, for 10 to 15 minutes, not to be washed. If the initial use of micro-prick or burning sensation is the case of adjusting the PH value of the normal reaction, please feel at ease and patient use, about a week to see results

Effect: Soften cuticles , promote the metabolism of skin update , promote collagen , so that healthy skin overall responsibility protective function , and strengthen skin self-renewal capacity . Adjustable excess oil secretion , moisturizing and balance the skin PH pH . Assist rapid recovery tired loose skin smooth, supple with a healthy glow

Notice: After using the sun as much as possible to avoid or reduce exposure

Ingredients: Sorbitol、Witch Hazel、 Citrus limon、Lacti Acid


Suitable: Dry, fine lines, sensitive

Instructions: In the make-up water, the amount of smear on your face and massage in a circular motion, then gently pat until it is completely absorbed by the skin so far

Effect: Use of high molecular hyaluronic acid micro units of 1.5% and pantothenic acid B5, can rapidly enhance the moisture content of keratin, effectively capture and lock water molecules in the underlying skin, strengthen the skin all day long water retention; and can stimulate cell activation, promote skin normal metabolism to help repair wounds, maintain the skin supple and shiny, to make due to the signs of aging, a draw the perfect ending

Notice: After completion of the absorption of products, coupled with a layer of cream skin care products, can prevent moisture loss

Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, pantothenic acid B5, glycerine, castor oil


Suitable: Min weak skin, dry, aging, when the seasonal transition repair

Instructions: In essence lotion after an appropriate amount onto face and massage until completely absorbed until the circle. The skin may be sensitive or dry areas particularly strengthened, can quickly reach the repair effect.

Effect: Containing skin can call 24 hours a unique active ingredient, antioxidant, promote cell regeneration activity, slow down the aging process, stimulate the vitality of skin cells, helping to heal Soothing, stability and nerves, with the effect of convergence

Notice: If uncomfortable, please stop using.

Ingredients: Desaron、Defesil、Soybean extract、OPC grape seed extract、Plant extracts、Argan oil


Suitable: Aging, poor fine lines, water, eye Metabolism

Instructions: In the make-up water, the right amount applied to the face and massage circle, gently pat until it is completely absorbed. In particular, to strengthen the visibility of fine lines, can quickly achieve its effect

Effect: Non-invasive anti-wrinkle effects Essence, containing high concentrations of serum special combination of different molecular size, in-depth the underlying skin, strong collagen, firming micro cells and tissues, to Capture, delaying cell aging, Wrinkle excellent results

Notice: After completion of the absorption of products, coupled with a layer of cream skin care products, can prevent moisture loss

Ingredients: Desaron、Defesil、Soybean extract、Plant extracts、Boswellia extract、Coenzyme Q10、Syn-Ake Class venom


Suitable: Cream high-performance, well suited for very lack of moisture in the skin

Instructions: Daily morning and evening evenly the whole face, neck, pat until completely absorbed, without washing, for wrinkles can be strengthened, along the muscle texture strengthening Lahti

Effect: Use in extremely dry climate and the environment (for example: continental climate and aircraft cabin) effective protection of DNA and stem cells will help u repair the energy is concentrated in the basal cell skin repair and regeneration of dermal cells, but tough skin defense force against external damage, skin defense had more healthy, thus maintaining luster, firm and strengthen the skin

Notice: If uncomfortable, please stop using.

Ingredients: Celligent、Derrmaxyl、Defensil、Matrixyl、Lipid procollagen protein