Product Description

Re-move PH

Suitable: Oily, acne, acne, large pores Skin

Instructions: Wash your hands, squeeze the appropriate smear in the skin, without adding water to gently massage circle way, then wash with warm water

Effect: 100% free of grease and soap, permeable deep muscle at the end to help cell regeneration, antibacterial soothe inflammation of acne condition. Another improvement can clog hair follicles and sebaceous glands balance, to give the skin clean, fresh, not tight.

Notice: Because it contains salicylic acid component, it is the skin allergy, please use suspended

Ingredients: Microsilver、Seboclear、Salicylic Acid、Allantoin、Witch Hazel、Pantothenic acid B5

Re-action Tonic Professional

Suitable: Suitable for all skin types

Instructions: In the make-up water, the amount of apply to the entire face, neck, gently pat until completely absorbed, for 10 to 15 minutes, not to be washed. If the initial use of micro-prick or burning sensation is the case of adjusting the PH value of the normal reaction, please feel at ease and patient use, about a week to see results

Effect: Soften cuticles , promote the metabolism of skin update , promote collagen , so that healthy skin overall responsibility protective function , and strengthen skin self-renewal capacity . Adjustable excess oil secretion , moisturizing and balance the skin PH pH . Assist rapid recovery tired loose skin smooth, supple with a healthy glow

Notice: After using the sun as much as possible to avoid or reduce exposure

Ingredients: Sorbitol、Witch Hazel、 Citrus limon、Lacti Acid

Re-charge N

Suitable: Oily water, fine lines, dull, sensitive of skin

Instructions: It can be used as make-up water use, take appropriate addition to put on the face and draw a circle massage, then gently pat until it is completely absorbed by the skin so far

Effect: The use of long-acting moisturizing hyaluronic acid short practice, in addition to rapid increases in skin moisture, but also effectively help collagen and elastic fibers of the structure, thus contributing to the pores, smooth pit

Notice: After completion of the absorption of products, coupled with a layer of cream skin care products, can prevent moisture loss

Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid(Short chain)、Amino acids、Pantothenic acid B5、Hydraction

Re-vital PH

Suitable: Oily, acne, large pores Skin

Instructions: In essence lotion after an appropriate amount onto face and massage until completely absorbed until the circle

Effect: Tech containing micron silver with powerful ingredients repair, antibacterial, helps wound healing, acne skin protection is less susceptible to irritation inflammation, and thus enhance the immune system and normalize skin metabolism, activation of fibroblasts, prevent skin aging

Notice: If uncomfortable, please stop using.

Ingredients: Microsilver、OPC grape seed extract、Seboclear、Defensive、Matrixyl、Desaron、Pantothenic acid B5