Cleansing Acnes treatment experience price NT.2300


Cleansing Acnes course  High CP experience price NT.2300/180mins(3D swing face +Cleansing Acnes Compound Course)

Original price €.222-in Germany / experience price NT.2300

A delicate completely cleansing process for  skincare with full-set bdr production from Germany.

bdr gives you a face clean and flawless, meanwhile solving acnes problems!


skin care treatment :

  • Re-move cleansing
  • Re-cover Moisturizing base
  • micro-acidic awaken skin + calm-green-light + Breeze conditioning+ Head and shoulder massage
  • Re-turn PH value conditioning + Face acupoint massage + cleaning
  • Exfoliating in XPm.s needle instrument from bdr Germany
  • Soothing Cream Treatment + Painlessly removal of acnes and fat particles
  • German volatility facial circulation metabolism
  • Germany’s volatility tightens the face
  • Seaweed collagen mask +warm-red-light
  • Re-charge
  • Re-vital / Re-vital PH
  • Re-flect protection

※The experience price can only be used once per person.  Prices are based on the announcements of bdr Store.

※To ensure the quality of service, please make an appointment one day in advance by phone (02-8925-0982 / 0965-060-318)

or Line (0965060318)