Course Introduction

Skin Blemish



ingredients: Aloe, lemon, Bulgarian Rose

effect: Genus hydrophilic , 100% totally free of grease and soap , mild stimulation . Europe Aloe Vera extract , import, biotechnology , moisturizing cream containing patented elements efficiently , makeup face , while effective to promote activation of cell physiological functions, moisturizing , stimulate blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, repair and regeneration and thus smooth fine lines.

Moisturizing conditioner



ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, chitin

effect: Acid can help in the release of the underlying skin layers, role and evenly distributed, the protection of the skin will not cause harm to the acid stimulation, and can keep the skin moisture loss, an antioxidant, activate cells, preventing cell aging, the formation of natural protective film.

Fruit Acid Brightening conditioning


Re-action deep

ingredients: Glycolic acid, burdock extract

effect: Glycolic mild stimulation, can soften the skin, accelerating the old dead skin cells fall off, increase the speed of cell metabolism, and elimination of melanin, the skin becomes smooth and bright, better promote collagen and elastic fibers hyperplasia, shrink pores, The skin becomes firm and elastic. Burdock extract having pores and regulate sebum secretion, prevent acne outbreaks.

PH deep conditioning



ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate

effect: After using fruit extracts, can instantly make your skin relax, soothe and calm the skin and restore the original normal PH value. Avoid or reduce the acidity caused due to sensitive skin, redness or discomfort.

Firming massage programs

Jumping fluctuations wanking, beautician's hand down to push the lead to axillary lymph neck area, so that the face of the cell jump aerobics, massage the face acupuncture points to relieve tension blockage between cells, so that blood circulation up , so that the skin fresh and comfortable and flexible, healthy and beautiful together.

3D fluctuation Thira

Fluctuations in Lahti fine hand skills, along with his hands facial muscle structure beautician cross from bottom to top Lahti, due to gravity and ease sagging facial muscles and cells, so energetic eyes mouth up, so that the chin beautiful contour thin compact, high spirits

Crystal Collagen Mask


Re-fresg Gel Mask

ingredients: Collagen, Allantoin, Grape seed extract, Epidermal growth hormone

effect: Strengthen the skin moisture and metabolism, collagen, and there is calm, back red, antipyretic effect.




ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, Pantothenic acid B5, glycerin, castor oil

effect: Use of high molecular hyaluronic acid micro units of 1.5% and pantothenic acid B5, can rapidly enhance the moisture content of keratin, effectively capture and lock water molecules in the underlying skin, strengthen the skin all day long water retention; and can stimulate cell activation, promote skin normal metabolism to help repair wounds, maintain the skin supple and shiny, to make due to the signs of aging, draw the perfect ending.


ingredients: Desaron, Defesil, Soybean extract, OPC Grape Seed, Plant extracts, Argan oil

effect: Containing skin can call 24 hours a unique active ingredient, antioxidant, promote cell regeneration activity, slow down the aging process, stimulate the vitality of skin cells, helping to heal Soothing, stability and nerves, a convergence effect.