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Light Therapy in the adjuvant treatment of acne and pigment can shorten the course of time, reduce the dose, the treatment of acne and pigmentation Breakthrough


Active Light

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bdr active light

Red light therapy (ACTIVE) stimulate and activate cells, promote blood circulation, help product absorption Revitalizing transparent through technology, the use of red light therapy system, this patented mechanism allows the skin to absorb the effect of up to 4-6 times the normal absorption of tradition, making skin care products can effectively absorb, and to help new cells stimulate collagen and promote skin blood cycle.

Calming light

Blue light therapy:

Blue light treat acne is a “fire with fire” physiological sterilization. Because acne bacteria in the metabolic process will produce a lot of “inside rhodopsin” accumulation in bacterial cells, “within the rhodopsin” PpIX is an orange light-sensitive material, is also an important component of the body’s manufacture of heme. When the blue light into the pores, you can react within the rhodopsin and acne bacteria, resulting in the rhodopsin absorption and decomposition, releasing large amounts of free radicals, so that acne bacteria die immediately, it can destroy bacterial cell concentrate, to avoid harming surrounding skin tissue, is a major breakthrough in the treatment of acne.

Air Relax

Micro scenery Air relax
German Patent Revitalizing new beauty concept Combined with light therapy devices and small fan

Green therapy calm the skin, soothing relaxation, improve skin healing power.
Revitalizing transparent through technology, the use of bare breeze treatment system, and thus stimulate the skin micro-circulation principle, promote skin metabolism, to calm, soothe and so on, so that the skin relax, and instantly restore the health of young muscular system.