6D Magical Shaping Lati-Fluctuation course


6D Magical Shaping Fluctuation Course/120mins

(3D swing face+6D Magical Shaping Fluctuation‧Compound course)


Energy waves and micro-acids awaken the sleeping skin, resonance and resonance bring health and energic to skin!

6D magical shaping rhythm frequency revitalizing particle instrument, compacting the V-shape face, shattering the deep layer of the skin

Lactic acid buildup and deep blockage of particles, lighten pigments and acne classes!


Original price €.172-in Germany / experience price NT.1800


Skin care treatment :

Re-move cleansing

+Re-cover Moisturizing base

+micro-acidic awaken skin


+ Breeze conditioning

+ Head and shoulder massage

+ Re-turn PH value conditioning

+ Face acupoint massage + cleaning

+ German volatility facial circulation metabolism

+ Germany’s volatility tightens the face

+ German 6D deep shaping & lifting fluctuation

+ Seaweed collagen mask


+Re-charge+Re-vital / Re-vital PH

+ Re-flect protection

※To ensure the quality of service, please make an appointment one day in advance by phone (02-8925-0982 / 0965-060-318)

or Line (0965060318)