Course Introduction

Shoulder And Neck Detox Attendance

As long as one can clearly feel the change in the skin, imported from Germany, amounting to US medical grade standards, but does not involve medical treatment, a new method for the full effect of skin care expanded rapidly introduced into the skin care products will be the deepest, moderate awaken the skin the healing power of healthy skin formed while absorption of skin care products and healing effect up to 4 to 6 times.

  • pletitle:
    1. Promote the functioning of the lymphatic system clear
    2. Relieve neck and shoulder muscles to relax, effective massage neck pressure release
    3. Direct delivery of active ingredients care with repair effect
    4. With fluctuations sliding hand massage techniques, through sparse neck veins, relieve pain
    5. Far infrared care, warm cellular activation
  • effect:
    1. Neck catch cold → getting warm
    2. Numbness in the hand weakness → promote blood circulation
    3. Stiff neck → relax neck muscles
    4. Neck skin dull → white skin
    5. Peyer's patch → lymphatic drainage dredge