Course Introduction

Eye Attendance

As long as one can clearly feel the change in the skin, imported from Germany, amounting to US medical grade standards, but does not involve medical treatment, a new method for the full effect of skin care expanded rapidly introduced into the skin care products will be the deepest, moderate awaken the skin the healing power of healthy skin formed while absorption of skin care products and healing effect up to 4 to 6 times.

  • pletitle:
    1. Stimulate cell metabolism and strengthen the eye muscles revitalizes
    2. Soothing relax the eye muscles, removing excess fine lines
    3. Available Adjustable elastic fiber cuticle removal eyelids
    4. Whitening dilute black eye
  • effect:
    1. Puffy bags under the eyes → metabolic activation
    2. Rough water → Compact supple
    3. Pores, Not smooth → flat
    4. Dark circles → desalination