Course Introduction

Exfoliating Transparent

Course in the use of high-tech magnetic levitation magic 6D plastic rhythm earthquake frequency technology, with (nm ultrafine particles Capture) patented probe, with more than 23,000 times per minute nearly exceeded High speed maglev fast intensive earthquake frequency deeply into the skin tissue, induce skin It becomes soft and delicate.

Then activate cells, promote blood whirl ring, help skin absorption function smoothly, and sub-sub-effectively activate autologous collagen and elastin hyperplasia, revitalizing the underlying new cells, wake up and give flexibility to allow facial lines quickly and re rejuvenation freeze-old health Capture muscle system.

  • pletitle:
    1. Physically remove excess skin aging
    2. Obstruction moment to carry out the function
    3. Exhaust accelerated aging skin deep
    4. Available Adjustable elastic fibers
    5. Formed healthy skin
  • effect:
    1. Rough water, Slowly absorbed → translucent
    2. Dull, Dark and gloomy → White
    3. Horny hypertrophy → meticulous
    4. Pores, Not smooth → flat