Course Introduction

Removal Wrinkles Transparent Attendance XS

XS transparent in the use of patented treatment probe (nano ultrafine particles Revitalizing small fine needle) to get through dense fast speed frequency depression wrinkles, stimulate cell proliferation of collagen to repair sunken lines and wrinkles, while with Re- Lax2 yn-Ake containing high concentrations of serum, more efficient peptides and other natural moisturizing factor anti-wrinkle cream, deeply into the skin tissue relaxation epidermal cells, and thus smooth fine lines, is more detailed micro-integration of Germany, even the smallest parts such as eyes fine lines and deep wrinkles weeks or expression, does not require surgery or subcutaneous injection, can obtain a very effective sound reducing wrinkles results.

  • pletitle:
    1. Relax tight skin
    2. Stimulate cell proliferation of collagen
    3. Improve the appearance of fine lines and smooth wrinkles
    4. Local and dense supply of the active ingredient
  • effect:
    1. Fine lines around eyes → Desalination
    2. Forehead → Heal
    3. Nasolabial folds → shallow
    4. Rough water → Moisturizing
    5. Slowly absorbed → Supple Q bomb