Course Introduction

Perfumed Shoulder Neck Attendance

As long as one can clearly feel the change in the skin, imported from Germany, amounting to US medical grade standards, but does not involve medical treatment, a new method for the full effect of skin care expanded rapidly introduced into the skin care products will be the deepest, moderate awaken the skin the healing power of healthy skin formed, while the absorption of skin care products and healing effect up to 4 to 6 times.

  • pletitle:
    1. Slightly acid whitening, soften skin and promote collagen
    2. Electrostatic conductivity fluctuations deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage release
    3. Electrostatic conductivity fluctuations shallow Lahti, firming neck shape
    4. Professional hand massage skills, and promote skin circulation, to maintain the beautiful curve
    5. Relieve neck and shoulder muscles to relax, effective massage neck pressure release
    6. Available neck loose elastic fiber cells
    7. Smooth neck wrinkles, restore youthful beauty
  • effect:
    1. Long neck dull spot → Whitening Blemish
    2. Cervical polyp profusion → Polyps disappearing
    3. Lymphatic blockage Fullness → Lymphatic drainage flow
    4. Blood circulation disorders → metabolic activation
    5. Neck relaxation → compact and stylish
    6. Clouds neck profile → smooth neck profile