Course Introduction

Brightening Moisture Transparent

Course in the use of patented probe (nano ultrafine particles Capture) with the "rhythm of earthquake frequency maglev" technology, vibrations per minute, more than 23,000 times to nearly 380 times more than the frequency of high-speed maglev fast intensive rhythm of earthquake frequency per deeply into the skin tissue, promote skin becomes soft and delicate. Then activate cells, promote blood whirl ring, help skin absorption function smoothly, and sub-sub-effectively activate autologous collagen and elastin hyperplasia, revitalizing the underlying new cells, wake up and give flexibility to allow facial lines quickly and re rejuvenation freeze-old health muscle system.

  • pletitle:
    1. Accelerate cell division and promote skin regeneration
    2. Instant absorb a lot of care and active ingredients
    3. Direct delivery of active ingredients care with repair effect
    4. Stimulate collagen
    5. With Whitening Collagen Mask
  • effect:
    1. Ageing → Compact
    2. Dry, dehydrated → Translucent moisturizing
    3. Coarse → Soft and smooth
    4. Dull → Whitening