Course Introduction

6D Maglev Attendance

Through bdr instrument patented "transparent maglev" technology, vibration about 23,000 times per minute, prompting the epidermal cell gap of about 11500 Natural Open channels, non-invasive, but it can naturally produce approximately 11,500 channels to help the active ingredients moment five minutes transparent table to absorb the deepest skin layer, thereby activating dermal collagen and elastin autologous proliferation, resulting in active ingredients can be quickly absorbed and used, this mechanism can improve the effectiveness of the product is natural absorption of skin care is the traditional 10 times the above.

  • pletitle:
    1. Using high-tech magnetic levitation technology 6D magic plastic rhythm: the rhythm of the principles of magnetic levitation, deep enough so that the vibration of all cortical muscular system, prompting the skin becomes soft, thereby activating blood flow, more nutrients beneficial to the skin
    2. Activate cell metabolism and strengthen revitalizing facial muscles, contour lines to reproduce
    3. Ability to activate and accelerate cell regeneration
    4. Help put on skin firmness
  • effect:
    1. Ageing → Compact and flexible
    2. Dry, dehydrated → Translucent moisturizing
    3. Coarse → Soft and smooth
    4. Dull → Brightening
    5. Loose Depression → Full muscle of Apple